Business Voice

Business Voice Solutions.

Our premium Voice solutions make communication work for you by reducing your costs while increasing reliability and uptime. They are tailor-made to fit your size organisation and budget.

Get Voice Over IP (VoIP), Virtual PBX and PBX solutions for business. Clear and reliable voice communications are essential for any business. At BitCo, we deploy straightforward, effective and secure voice solutions. These are based on Internet Protocol (IP), literally plugging into your business. We also offer free geographic number porting and hassle-free installation.

VoIP (Voice Over IP)

VoIP is also called Voice over Internet Protocol (IP). It simply means sending voice calls over the Internet as opposed to traditional telephone lines. For the user it feels exactly the same as making a conventional call. We have direct connection agreements with other telephony service providers. You therefore receive reduced call rates which in turn save you money on your overall telephony costs.

Virtual PBX

Virtual Private Branch Exchange (VPBX), Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX is a cloud or hosted PBX solution. Get all the feature rich functionality without the clutter and pain of having an on-site PBX solution. You not only save on capital hardware costs but automatically get the reliability of having your telephony system in the cloud.

Uncapped Voice

Fixed Voice Solutions that are tailor-made to fit your size of business and budget. Lations premium services make communication work for you by saving on call costs by fixing your spend. Your fixed rates save you money on your overall telephony costs. Please note that Uncapped Voice is not available to Call Centres.

VoIP Gateway

Enjoy the cost saving benefits of routing your Voice calls via Lations without having to purchase a new PBX with a VoIP Gateway. Using our VoIP Gateway, all your outgoing calls will be routed to Lations Voice (Lations Voice over IP solution) without having to change your current PBX system. Our solution has proven to be inter-operable with all major soft switches and SIP-PBX brands.

IP PBX Solution

An IP PBX is a switchboard or Private Branch Exchange which uses Internet Protocol. It is a server which uses your Internet Connection to route all your incoming and outgoing calls. Your customers can get hold of the right person immediately. Routing can be based on any means you choose: Time, skills or hunting.

IP Phones

Lations wide range of high quality Internet Protocol (IP) telephones offer a large number of functions and levels of sophistication and security, whilst still keeping business communication simple and efficient.