Home Wireless

Home Wireless

Home Wireless Once-off Installation: R1000
30Mbps 24 month agreement
1 : 3 contention rate
Asymmetrical Service
WIFI Router included
24/7 Support

Home Wireless

Once-off Installation: R6000
Month to Month Aggrement
1 : 3 contention rate
Asymmetrical Service
WIFI Router included
24/7 Support


Streaming – Our fast and uncapped Wireless is perfect for streaming your favourite movies, TV series, music and so much more. Connect to your favourite APP to stream. Gaming – Get ahead of the game and take your connectivity to the next level. Our fast and uncapped Wireless offers speeds up to 30Mbps. Education – Make the smart choice. Get connected with our fast and uncapped home Wireless to start your family’s learning experience. Home Automation – Take control and convert your house into a smart home. Connect to a fast and uncapped service to manage your home automation. Connectivity – Get home and connect to your WIFI. Stream, browse the internet and connect to social media. Work From Home – Get a reliable and fast Internet connection that will enable you to work in the comfort of your own home. Voice over IP (VoIP) – Make calls over the Internet. Reduce call rates for the whole family.

Frequently Asked Quest

Chat to us or  email to check if you have coverage in your area. Should you have any questions our sales team is on hand to help. E-mail sales@lations.co.za.

Once your order is received the sales team will do a desk top feasibility test to ensure that we can continue with your order.

If the desktop feasibility is successful you will receive a document (Network Diagram) to sign to continue with your order.

Once the signed Network Diagram is received you will be handed over to our projects department to coordinate the delivery of your service/ order.

Please note at this point for any updates or information you will need to contact projects directly and not sales.

Sales is not equipped to deal with queries at this point or involved in the service delivery process. (E-mail: projects@lations.co.za).

You will be contacted by the projects team to schedule your site-survey within 4-6 weeks.

The site-survey will be conducted by our technicians at your home.

They will test line-of-site and signal strength. If the tests are successful they will proceed with the installation of the Wireless Equipment and Router.

You Internet will be activated the same day.

Once the installation is complete and you have Internet you will then be handed over to our Network Operations Centre (NOC) should you have any support related queries – 021 761 3939. (E-mail: support@lations.co.za)

Home Wireless will take approximately 4-6 weeks to install. After placing your order we conduct a desktop feasibility test for your address. If the desktop feasiblity test is successful our installation team will do the on-site survey within 4-6 weeks to check line-of-sight as well as test the signal at your home. Provided that there is line-of-site and the signal is strong the Wireless equipment will be installed that day. Please ensure to provide the necessary documentation when placing your order to ensure no delays.

You will need Lations wireless equipment (Radio equipment) installed at your home. Once installed you will also need a Router (we supply the Router) so that you can connect your devices to the Internet.

Yes. Our technicians/ installation team will need to install Radio equipment at your home (Most likely on your roof) so it can connect to one of our High-sites.

Once our team arrives at your home to install it generally takes 2-4 hours depending on the difficulty of the install.

Our current Home Wireless Internet service only offers a 30Mbps package. This is an Asymmetrical service. Please note that many factors are out of our control that could potentially affect top speeds being reached, i.e. weather, line-of-site, number of devices connected, etc. More speeds will be introduced in the future.

If you are running a micro home business you can apply for Home Wireless. Please note that home Wireless is a best-effort service. We do offer very competitive business wireless packages that would be more suitable for your business. Please visit: Business Wireless – Lations Telecom

Yes, you need a Router to connect devices. We will provide you with the appropriate FREE-TO-USE dual band Router.

You can use the router for free whilst connected to us. If you decide to cancel with us the router will need to be returned or you have the option to buy the router at a reduced price.

The router is the device that connects you to the Internet. Your Laptop, Smartphone and / or tablets uses the signal (WiFi) from the router to connect to the internet. We will configure your router for you.

1:3 Contention Rate. Your upload speed can be up to a third of your package (30Mbps).

An asymmetric internet connection means that the data speed and file transfer rate on your network is different in each direction. Your upload speed can be up to a third of your package (30Mbps).

Our technicians/ install team will check line-of-sight as well as test the signal at your home before proceeding with the installation. If there is no line-of-site or the signal is too low unfortunately they will be unable to proceed with installation.

Should your installation be successful the internet will be configured and activated while our technicians are at your home.

Our Network Operations Centre operates 24/7. For any support related queries please call 021 71 3939 and/ or send an email to support@lations.co.za.

It is the customer’s responsibility to get landlord approval for all equipment to be installed.

BitCo will be supply a free-to-use Router. We provide support on the Router that we provide. Should you want to use your own Router please note that support related resolutions may be delayed because we are not managing the Router that enables us to provide faster first line support.

Our Network Operations Centre operates 24/7. For any support related queries please call 021 761 3939 and/ or send an email to support@lations.co.za.

The router manufacturer states that up to 64 connections, however we recommended a maximum of up to 15. Please note that the more devices that are connected to the Router and using the Internet, the slower the speeds will be per device.

We have two options: Month to month agreement: Installation is a once-off of R6,000.00. 24 month agreement: Installation is a once-off of R1000.00.

Your account will be debited on dates given to Lations.

Home Wireless is reliant on clear line-of-site and signal strength to optimally perform. It is a Microwave link. This means that your Internet can be affected by rain unfortunately, just like your mobile network can be affected.